Posting Bail

There are several ways someone can be released prior to trial. One way is by posting bail.  If a person has been charged with a crime or served a warrant that designates bail, the person can post bail.  In most cases, inmates may have someone post 10% of the total bail to be released. If an individual has enough money in his/her commissary account to post bail, that person can self-bail.   In some cases, however, full bail is required.  If you want to post bail, call the jail (503-325-8641) to confirm the correct amount of bail money needed for release.

There are no bail bondsmen in Oregon.

Bail is accepted 24 hours a day,  seven days a week at the Clatsop County Jail.

Bail is accepted only in the form of:

  • Cash (exact amount only)
  • Cashiers' check/Money Order (made out to Clatsop County Circuit Court Clerk)
  • Credit Card up to $5,000.00 (use of credit card results in 5% convenience fee)

Bail may also be posted for Clatsop County Circuit Court cases at the courthouse during normal business hours.

Clatsop County Circuit Court
749 Commercial Street
Astoria, OR 97103

Bail is accepted in the form of:

  • Cash
  • Cashiers'  check
  • Money order
  • Debit or Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover