Citizen Councils, Commissions & Committees

Have a direct voice in decisions – join a citizen advisory committee!

Our citizen committees play important roles in advising the Board of County Commissioners and county departments on a variety of issues. Committee members are volunteers appointed by the county commissioners.

Serving on a citizen advisory committee is a great way to participate in decisions that affect you and to learn more about how your local government works.

Citizen Advisory Committee Handbook 

Committee Vacancies

Current Clatsop County Councils, Commissions and/or Boards:

4-H and Extension Service Advisory Council
The purpose of this council is to cooperate with Oregon State University Extension Service and the county Extension staff in planning, promoting, developing, implementing and evaluating Extension programs to meet the needs and interests of county residents. Meets quarterly.

Ambulance Service Area Advisory Committee 

The Ambulance Service Area Advisory (ASAA) Committee is responsible for maintaining a high standard of quality emergency medical service in Clatsop County by updating/maintaining the ASAA plan, overseeing the ambulance franchise agreement, and serving as an advisory body on matters regarding emergency medical services, pre-hospital care consumers, and the medical community.

Board of Property Tax Appeals
The Board of Property Tax Appeals hears petitions for reduction of the real market or assessed values of property as of July 1 and considers applications to excuse liability for the penalty imposed under ORS 308.295. The Board also reviews the Assessor's Certified Ratio Study for the current year and makes recommendations to the Assessor regarding that study. The Board makes recommendations to the Assessor regarding changes in current year property value resulting from the effect of events or activities occurring outside property.  

The Board also hears appeals of the prior year's value based on declines that occurred after July 1 and on or before June 30 of the previous tax year. 

Budget Committee
The Clatsop County Budget Committee is created by State Law. It has the responsibility for reviewing the proposed budget prepared by the County Administrator. The Budget Committee is charged by law with recommending to the County Board the appropriations that will support the required services during the County's fiscal year, which begins July 1st.

Fair Board
The Board has the exclusive management of the grounds and all other property owned, leased, used or controlled by the County and devoted to the use of the County Fair. Meets one evening a month.

Human Services Advisory Council
The Human Services Advisory Council has several general duties and responsibilities. They are: (1) To identify needs and establish priorities for three areas of interest: developmental disabilities; mental health and alcohol and drug. (2) To participate in the selection of service providers; (3) To participate in the 10 evaluation of services to assure they are effectively addressing the needs and priorities, and are of high quality; (4) To provide a community balance and an independent opinion to the Board of Commissioners regarding service directions, decision, and proposals; and (5) To provide a link to the community at-large through advocacy, public information, and education activities sponsored by the County.

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission advises the Board of Commissioners on land use planning, conducts land use hearings and implements the County's zoning and comprehensive plan. Usually meets once a month, all day.

Public Safety Coordinating Council
The Public Safety Coordinating Council is responsible for developing and recommending to the Board of Commissioners a comprehensive local corrections program (both adult and juvenile) and to coordinate local criminal justice policy among affected entities. Meets once a month.

Recreation Lands Planning Advisory Committee
The Clatsop County Recreational Lands Planning Advisory Committee has the responsibility of assisting the County in the development of long-range plans for County parks and directing the formulation and preparation of amendments to Clatsop County’s Recreation Lands Element of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. In addition, the Committee advises County staff regarding the County’s update of its Parks Master Plan; and provides a public forum for citizen input regarding proposed changes that potentially impact parks, recreational lands, trails, boat ramps and related programs within the county. Meets once a month.

Rural Law Enforcement District Advisory Committee
The Rural Law Enforcement District Advisory Committee provides local input to the Clatsop County Sheriff on issues concerning service levels, enforcement priorities and general operation of the law enforcement district. Meets three times a year.