Forensic Anthropology

Picture of bones found in dirt courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

We love bones! Our Medical Examiner team consists of members experienced in forensic anthropology. Chief MDI DeVisser works closely with Dr. Nici Vance from Oregon State Police to conduct investigations into the identification of bones found by members of the community. If you find any bones, please contact Non-Emergency Dispatch, at 503-325-2061, to speak with law enforcement immediately.

Photo credit: Federal Bureau of Investigations

Clatsop County Fair Exhibit 2021

Photo of Chief MDI explaining the different bones to fair attendees

This summer (2021) our division was proud to present an exhibit at the Clatsop County Fair, where kids and adults got to experience the joy of learning about bones. The exhibit presented animals from the local surrounding region, including elk, marine life, and small mammal remains. The Medical Examiner Division uses these specimens to compare with bones found in the area. If you are interested in donating any animal remains, or are inquiring about presentation opportunities for your organization, please contact Elizabeth DeVisser at the main sheriff's office.