The office of sheriff has been one of the most important county functions since the selection of the first one in Oregon by the early settlers in 1841. Originally, the Provisional Legislature appointed the sheriff, but since 1846 the office has been elective. The territorial government provided for a sheriff and under the state constitution the sheriff was described as the conservator of the peace in counties.

In 1843 the provisional government designated the sheriff to serve as tax collector. The sheriff collected regular county taxes and other assessments of municipal corporations. He sent the taxes collected to the treasurer, kept records of delinquent tax rolls, instituted foreclosure procedures for real property when taxes were delinquent over 3 years, and sold land acquired for taxes. The tax collection function has been transferred from the sheriff to the tax collector, treasurer, or assessor in Oregon counties.

The sheriff, elected every 4 years, conducts criminal investigations and detects and apprehends law violators. The office is also charged with patrolling and maintaining the security of county roads, private homes and businesses. Other duties include performing search and rescue missions; enforcing marine law; transporting and providing for the security of state and county prisoners while appearing in court; processing and serving civil and criminal documents; operating the county detention facility; housing city, county, state, and federal prisoners; animal control; and enforcing nuisance abatement.

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Old Goonies Jail

The Old Clatsop County Jail served as a functioning jail from 1914 to 1976.

Old Sheriff Patrol Car

Old Sheriff Patrol Car.

Sheriff Office Sign

Sheriff's Office, Clatsop County Oregon Sign.