AA and Ministry Programs

The Clatsop County Jail Volunteer Program involves the community during an Adult In Custody's (AIC's) incarceration. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for change, thereby creating a greater chance for success when in transition from custody back into the community. The Volunteer Program is made up of dedicated volunteers who provide an invaluable service to the Jail and the community.

Currently, the Volunteer Program is made up of three programs:

Alcoholics Anonymous

A Thursday night meeting held to encourage alcoholics and drug addicts in strategies to help overcome their addictions.  For question regarding our program please contact Senior Deputy Hillard at (503)-325-8641 or email dhillard [at] clatsopcounty.gov.

Jail Ministry

Dedicated community members who have shown commitments to the Ministry will teach all services. A Tuesday meeting in a non-denominational setting, this program focuses on spiritual issues. There are currently two groups, one for females and one for males.


A Monday night one on one session in our visitor's area. The Gideons are an interdenominational association of Christian business and professional men who are members of local Protestant/evangelical churches.(Source:http://www.gideons.org/AboutUs/LastingMission.aspx)

If you are interested in learning more about the Volunteer Programs, please contact Senior Deputy Hillard at (503)-328-8641 or email dhillard [at] clatsopcounty.gov