Geographic Information Systems

Webmaps contains 60+ interactive map layers that allow you to easily explore Clatsop County, Oregon. With Webmaps, you can find information about your tax parcel, surveys, hazard areas, flood plains, school districts, fire districts, voting precincts, zoning, elevation, etc. You can also find tax parcels with related tax statements and appraisal information from any computer with Internet access. The site is updated at the beginning of each week with the newest Assessor data and Assessor taxmap PDF’s. You can also find older Assessor taxmaps at the ORMAP site. Users must select Clatsop County, then select the correct township, range and section for the desired map on the ORMAP site.

What is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a computer-based technology that merges maps (called spatial information) with database (called tabular information). GIS superimposes or integrates layers of information. These layers can be aerial photos, water, roads, tax lot parcels, zoning, etc. GIS pulls together information and presents it in a graphic or map format. More information about GIS can be found at

Clatsop County GIS

Clatsop County began its GIS program in 1998 by converting all our assessor's tax maps from paper to digital format. When completed, the digital tax maps will provide the foundation for other layers of information, such as zoning and tax code districts.

GIS Data & Maps for the Public

We provide a few static maps in PDF format below. These maps require Adobe Reader to view and print. The maps were originally produced at different sizes from 11 by 17 inches to 36 by 48 inches. Adobe Reader will reduce these to 8.5 by 11 inches to print on standard printers. Maps may take several minutes to download. If you would like to purchase GIS data from us in shapefile format, the fees are $25/shapefile or $100 for all of our public shapefiles. Please contact the GIS Coordinator at gisinfo [at] or (503) 325-8662 if you’d like to purchase data.

Interactive Maps


See attachments below.

Clatsop County Assessor Maps at Oregon Maps Online (Various Sizes)
GIS Data - To request data, please call (503) 325-8662.
Aerial photos - U.S. Department of Agriculture Aerial Photography Field Office

Zoning Information
Zoning - General information about zoning in Clatsop County.
County Zoning Map

800 Exchange Street, Suite 300
Astoria, OR 97103
United States

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