Replacement Ballot / Ensure Your Ballot Will Be Counted

Contact Clatsop County Elections at 503-325-8511 to request a replacement ballot if:

  • You make a mistake
  • Your ballot is damaged or spoiled. By spoiled we mean your ballot was torn or has something stuck to it
  • Your ballot is lost
  • Or for any other reason

A replacement ballot will be mailed to you provided your request is received with sufficient time for mailing. 

Otherwise, you may fill out a form and pick up a replacement ballot in person at the Clatsop County Clerk and Elections Department at 820 Exchange Street, 2nd floor, Astoria.

For more information:
Call 1-866-ORE-VOTES (se habla Español)
TTY 1-(866-) 350-0596

To Help Determine If You Need A Replacement Ballot:

Pencil Mark on Ballot

Using a black ballpoint ink pen or pencil, make sure you have fully completed the oval next to your choices.

Don't Fill out Two bubbles

If you vote for more candidates than allowed, or if you vote both Yes and No on a measure, it is called an overvote.

Your vote will not count for that candidate or measure.

Do not use whiteout

You do not have to vote on all contests. Your ballot will still be counted.

Do not use white out or correction ink or tape on your ballot.

To Ensure Your Ballot Will Be Counted

1.Place YOUR voted ballot in the signature return envelope and seal it. ALL of our signature return envelopes have been improved and have the security weave imprinted inside to ensure ballot privacy. That means you don’t need a secrecy envelope.

2. Read and Sign the Voter's Statement on the signature return envelope. REMEMBER: YOUR BALLOT MUST BE SIGNED BY YOU TO BE COUNTED.

3. Voted ballots must be postmarked or dropped off in a ballot drop box by 8 p.m. on Election Day.