Search and Rescue


The Search and Rescue (SAR) Division provides Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office with a dedicated and trained force of volunteers to conduct search and rescue missions. The team is responsible for finding lost or missing persons, assisting in evidence searches, assisting with downed aircraft and providing logistical support for large events in the county. The team is trained in canine support, man-tracking, communications, logistics, incident command, wilderness survival, air operations, land navigation and traffic control. The ground crew provides support to the Underwater Recovery Team and the High Angle Rescue Team when needed. The Search and Rescue Team meets twice a month: one weekday evening for about two hours and one Saturday for five to eight hours training. Contact Sgt. Bruce Scott at (503) 325-8635 for more information.

High Angle Rescue Team (HART)

The High Angle Rescue Team (HART) is trained in the use of rope systems to safely rescue people stranded on high angle surfaces, such as cliffs, hillsides and ravines. The HART team works directly with our Search and Rescue division, local area fire departments, law enforcement and the U.S. Coast Guard. Rappelling, mountaineering experience or experience in the emergency medical field (paramedic, EMT, first responder, etc.) are helpful but not required. Volunteers need to be prepared for a minimum commitment of eight hours per month for training. Contact Sgt. Nate Baldwin at (503) 325-8635 for more information. 

Underwater Recovery Team (URT)

The Underwater Recovery Team (URT) is a vital volunteer organization for the community. The primary focus of the team is locating and recovering those who have been lost in waterways due to a natural disaster or traffic, aircraft or boating accidents or accidental drowning.  The URT is an investigative arm of the Sheriff’s Office, helping other agencies in determining the cause of water-related deaths and recovering evidence related to criminal cases.

To become a member of URT you must be certified as a Public Safety Diver by Dive Rescue International. URT members assist all municipalities within Clatsop County, Tillamook, Columbia and Pacific counties, and also assist the US Coast Guard with diver responses and train closely with them on their vessels, ground crew and aircraft. The URT also assists Clatsop County Marine Patrol.

Contact Deputy Grant Shimer at (971)704-4465 for more information.