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Clatsop County Economic Opportunities Analysis is underway.  We are asking residents business owners, and visitors to share some thoughts on the future economic direction of the County.  Please take a few minutes and add your ideas to the mix.  Scan the QR code or click on the link to participate.

Clatsop County enjoys a picture perfect location where you and your business can thrive.  The natural beauty and abundant resources make our corner of the state beyond compare. We hope that you find this information helpful and will work with our many community development experts to thrive in Clatsop County.


Clatsop County’s Goal 9 was updated in 2023. This update included new technologies and industries relevant to Clatsop County, including health care, tourism and construction. The update, however, did not include a commercial/industrial lands inventory to replace the analysis and inventory prepared in the late 1970s. As Clatsop County faces potential significant fiscal impacts from implementation of the FEMA Biological Opinion and the Oregon Department of Forestry’s Habitat Conservation Plan, the County has contracted with Johnson Economics to prepare an Economic Opportunities Analysis (EOA). The EOA is a 20-year forecast of population and job growth and is used to help local governments better understand which industries and services will thrive in the region and how land use in urban growth boundaries can best be used to support development goals. A technical advisory committee has been created to inform and review the drafting of the EOA and the advisory committee meetings are open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend. EOA documents can be found below.

The Economic Opportunity Analysis Task Force will meet again on August 15, 2024 to review the latest economic data available, review the goals and policies of past economic development planning efforts,  look at economic accomplishments over the past decade, and see the results of the community survey on economic development.  

August 15, 2024 Meeting 10:00am to Noon


September 19, 2024 Meeting 10:00am to Noon


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