Public Works

The Road Division of the Public Works Department includes the offices of the Roads, County Engineer, County Surveyor, Parks and Westport Sewer Service District programs.

The administrative staff plans and administers the budget and contracts for the department and represents Clatsop County on federal, state and local transportation issues.

The Road Maintenance section provides brush control, pot hole patching, culvert cleaning and replacement, shoulder and ditch maintenance, oiling, road rebasing and grading. Improvements include contracted bridge replacement and A.C. paving and major road construction and reconstruction.

The County Engineer plans, designs and coordinates projects for the county’s road system, consisting of approximately 229 miles of roads, 68 bridges and three ocean beach approaches.

The office of the Surveyor is responsible for checking, filing and indexing boundary surveys by private and public surveyors. The office maintains all records of surveys and provides means by which the public can use these records. The surveyor checks and approves subdivisions, condominiums and land partitions. The surveyor surveys county owned land and county roads. The surveyor is responsible for the recovery, restoration and preservation of public Land corners. These are section corners, quarter corners and donation land claim corners.

The Parks program is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the county's parks and recreational areas.

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