Marine Patrol

Clatsop County Sheriff Boat

The Clatsop County Sheriff's Marine Patrol is responsible for the safety and enforcement of boating laws on Clatsop County's rivers, lakes and waterways. The safety and security of Clatsop County's citizens and visitors using these bodies of water is the primary concern of the Marine Patrol.

The Marine Patrol is proactive in keeping the waters and its users safe. In addition to regular patrols, the Marine unit conducts boating safety classes and provides boating and water safety inspections and materials. The Marine Patrol provides the platform for dive teams and other essential waterborne activities.

Remember to always use your life jacket and other safety gear.

The Oregon Legislature passed HB 2977 during the 1999 session, requiring Oregon boaters to have a boater education certificate before operating power boats of more than 10 horsepower.

Click here for more information from the Oregon State Marine Board.