Elections LIVE Video Streaming

For the May 21, 2024 Primary Election, Clatsop County Clerk and Elections Office will provide live, online video streaming of its processing of local ballots, from the verifying of signatures through the actual count.

The live feed will begin once the schedule is created for the upcoming May Primary District election. Activities that will be live-streamed are:

  • Receiving of ballots at the Clerk and Elections Office
  • Scanning of ballot envelopes – elections staff scan ballots to log them in as received
  • Signature verification – elections staff compares signature on ballot envelope to voter’s registration record
  • Beginning the day ballots are opened, the video stream will also show ballot-processing at the Judge Guy Boyington Building

Activities that will be shown are:

  • Ballot opening – elections staff remove ballots from envelope, check ballots for damage that may make them unreadable for the ballot counter
  • Vote scanning – ballots are run through ballot-counting machine

The video feed will be live through certification for the upcoming May 2024 Primary Election. The video feed will continue to show ballot processing and counting after Election Day until all qualified ballots are counted.

Please note: The video feed may show extended periods with no activity. This is because ballots are processed as they are received by the Clerk and Elections Office.