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Clatsop County Democratic Party


Clatsop County Republican Party

Central Committee   Central Committee - Executive Team
Mary Hunter, Chair
Phone: (503) 741-9101
Email: chair [at] clatsopdems.org 
  Lisa Lamping, Chair
1517 SW Oak Ave.
Warrenton, OR 97146
Phone: (503) 861-1200 (503) 338-0818 (c)
Email: lsaycheez [at] aol.com
Charles Withers, Vice-Chair
Phone:  (540) 309-2646
Email: vicechair [at] clatsopdems.org
  Brian Zartner, Vice-chair
33265 Neacoxie Ln.
Warrenton, OR 97146
Email: brianzartner [at] msn.com
Rebecca Read, Secretary
Phone: (503) 739-3540
Email: secretary [at] clatsopdems.org
  Vivian Battjes, Secretary
Phone: (425) 221-2630 
Email: vrbattjes@hotmail
Laura Denny, Treasurer
Phone: (707) 845-3828
Email: treasurer [at] clatsopdems.org
  Jackie Sturman, Treasurer
    Central Committee - Delegates
    Glenn Gaither, Alternate Delegate 1
424 S Franklin St.
Seaside, OR 97138
Phone: (360) 463-3382
Email: ggaither4house [at] gmail.com
    VACANT, Alternative Delegate 2


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