Development Permits

The Land Use Planning office issues development permits for new or replacement single-family residential homes, accessory structures and grading of lands requests for land located outside city limits or urban growth boundaries. A development permit is required to build a new home.

After a development permit is issued, Clatsop County’s Building Codes Division reviews building plans and determines which building permits are necessary to comply with Oregon State Laws.

Apply for a Development Permit

To apply for a development permit, you will need to verify whether the proposed use is a permitted use in the zone. You can do this by looking up the zoning of the property. You will also need to provide documentation of a source of water; that the property is on a sewer system or that a septic system can be installed, and that the property will have legal access.

Additional documents may be necessary for a development permit. These links provide assistance in the development permit process.

Development Permit Links