Law Enforcement-Related Records Requests


To obtain a copy of a Sheriff's Office report, you can click here to submit your request.  

If you have questions about a report, please contact our records staff at (503) 325-8635.  Our office open Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

If there are criminal charges, we will not be able to release the report until the subject has gone to court and the case has been closed or adjudicated.  The State of Oregon Department of Human Services is the authority that may release records of child abuse pursuant to Oregon Revised Statutes 419B.035 (if the reports are subject to disclosure). In some cases, a court order or subpoena is required for the disclosure of records.

If we are able to release the report, there is a fee.  The fees are listed on the form below.  We accept exact cash, check, money order or credit/debit card with a $2.00 processing fee. 



Incident Reports (No research required) electronic delivery $15
Incident Reports (no research required) printed hard copy $15 up to 30 pages ($.04 per page over 30)
Records Research $21.25 per 15 minutes or portion thereof /$85 per hour
Photos sent electronically $15 each report
Photos on DVD or thumb drive $20.00 for each unit
Postage for delivery of DVD or thumb drive Actual cost (min $4.00)
County Counsel record review/redaction (if needed) $31.25 per 15 minutes/$125 per hour
Audio/video redaction - estimate will be provided Actual cost of service (Deposit required)
Photocopy fee (typically from older hard copies) $.25 per page
Photocopy fee 11x17 (typically from older hard copies) $.50 per page
Information Systems for electronic mail/communications search $125 per hour (including network usage time)


Per Oregon Revised Statute 192.345, the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office does not release body cam videos unless public interest requires disclosure.
ORS192.345 Public records conditionally exempt from disclosure.

The following public records are exempt from disclosure under ORS 192.311 (Definitions for ORS 192.311 to 192.478) to 192.478 (Exemption for Judicial Department) unless the public interest requires disclosure in the particular instance:

(40)  Audio or video recordings, whether digital or analog, resulting from a law enforcement officer’s operation of a video camera worn upon the officer’s person that records the officer’s interactions with members of the public while the officer is on duty. When a recording described in this subsection is subject to disclosure, the following apply:

     (a.) Recordings that have been sealed in a court’s record of a court proceeding or otherwise ordered by a court not to be disclosed may not be disclosed.

     (b.) A request for disclosure under this subsection must identify the approximate date and time of an incident for which the recordings are requested and be reasonably tailored to include only that material for which a public interest requires disclosure.

     (c.) A video recording disclosed under this subsection must, prior to disclosure, be edited in a manner as to render the faces of all persons within the recording unidentifiable.


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