Clatsop County Sheriff Alerts Public About Scam

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Clatsop County Sheriff Matt Phillips is urging the public to be aware of attempts to financially scam Clatsop County residents.

A recent effort involved callers stating that a warrant would be issued for a person’s arrest unless they paid immediately. 

It is common for scam callers to say they are with law enforcement or the Internal Revenue Service and ask for banking information or for the individual to send payment by gift cards or wire transfers.

“They are going to try to scare you and fluster you into sending money. One Clatsop County resident recently was tricked into sending nearly $300,000. Others were for gift cards of $100 or $200,” Sheriff Phillips said. “We have received about 50 calls from concerned residents and we want to make it clear that the Clatsop County Sheriff’s office never, ever will call a person and ask for money to pay any fine or to avoid arrest.

In some cases, caller ID may display the name Sheriff or other law enforcement employee. “Don’t answer that call. Instead, call us back at 503-325-8635,” Phillips said.

The Clatsop County Sheriff’s office has put together tips on how to avoid being scammed are available at the Clatsop County Sheriff scam alert web page.