Partition Plat, Subdivision and Condominium Submittals

Review copies: 2 signed paper copies
Review copy Size: 18” x 24”
Final map size: 18” x 27”, plus one exact copy, with exact copy statements
Land Partition Checklist
Fee Schedule

As a courtesy, the Clatsop County Surveyor will accept two paper copies of a plat for review in lieu of a permanent map.  The two paper copies must have signed stamps and the recording fee must be received before the partition plat will be accepted for review.  A title (sort) report dated within 4 weeks of the preliminary submittal to the County Surveyor’s Office must also be received before the plat will be accepted for review.  Be aware that you may be required to submit another updated title report if a sufficient length of time has passed between the initial plat submittal and the plat recording.

The Land Partition Checklist is our in-house review sheet.  It is used by our office staff to consistently check each element of a plat.  Feel free to use it as a guide to review your plat before submittal.  Be aware that not everything on the list is expected to be on every plat, and there may be important items related to your plat that are not on the list.

A permanent map, plus one exact copy on 4-mil or heavier polyester drafting film, with any required corrections will only be accepted for recording.  We will only accept an 18” x 27” size for final Partition Plats.  This means there must be an 18” x 24” map, plus an extra 3” of blank sheet on the left of the map for a book binding edge.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about our submittal procedure.