The office of the County Surveyor is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of land boundary markers in Clatsop County  including the areas within all of the cities in the county. The office maintains all records of surveys and provides means by which private surveyors and the public can use these records. The office offers assistance to the public by answering questions related to surveying and the boundary infrastructure within the county.

If you want to locate your property lines, a good place to start is to use the survey index on the Clatsop County Webmaps, or visit the County Surveyor’s Office to see if there is already a recorded survey map on or near your property. Not all properties have been surveyed, and many existing boundary markers are lost or destroyed by the ravages of time or careless human activity. If there are no clearly recorded boundary markers for your property, refer to the local phone registry for a list of private surveyors in your area.The County Surveyor only surveys county owned property and county roads. Private professional land surveyors survey private property.

Private land surveyors are required to be licensed professionals in order to perform survey work. If a land surveyor establishes or reestablishes boundary markers for you, they are required to file a map at the County Surveyor’s Office. By filing a map, they are creating a record to add to the quality and integrity of Clatsop County’s infrastructure of land boundary markers.

The County Surveyor checks all surveys, partition plats, subdivisions, and land corner reports before they are recorded. We offer guidance to the surveying community on the latest regulations and practices. Our office works on behalf of the public by providing a professional to assure the quality of survey maps which can sometimes seem complicated and technical to the general public.

The County Surveyor is responsible for maintaining the Public Land Corner monuments in Clatsop County. Public Land Corners are section corners, quarter corners, and donation land claim corners.  These markers are used as the basis for many surveys in the county. If you plan on performing activity that may disturb any survey marker, you are required by law to hire a private Professional Land Surveyor to reference the marker before it is disturbed, and replace it afterwards. If you notice any activity that may disturb one of these monuments, please contact our office immediately.