The Clatsop County Adopt-A-Road Program is a litter-reduction campaign designed to remove litter and debris from county roads and improve the quality of the environment.

The program establishes a partnership between volunteer groups and the Clatsop County Public Works Department by working together in the efforts of litter control along neighborhood roads.

Volunteer groups can “adopt” up to a two-mile stretch of road by removing litter at least two times a year over a two-year period.

As a volunteer, you will receive:

A safety orientation from the Public Works safety coordinator
The use of safety equipment including hard hats, safety vests, disposable gloves, trash bags, litter pickers and road warning signs

  • Two Adopt-A-Road signs located at either end of the adopted road section recognizing the adopting organization
  • The opportunity to contribute to community beautification
  • Recognition for a job well done

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