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Tips for improving your website search

Search queries can be done in a variety of ways. The tool search allows the user create a very powerful search by adding a few key words or symbols.

AND Searches

To get results that match multiple words, simply type the words that you want to find. This is the default behavior of the search.

OR Searches

To search for data that may contain one of a few terms, but not necessarily all of the terms, enter the keyword OR between each search term: "dogs OR cats" or "dogs OR cats OR birds".

Note: The keyword "OR" must be capitalized. The search module will treat the lowercase "or" as another word to find. Because "or" is smaller than the default search word length (3 characters), the search module will ignore "or" to create an "AND" search instead.

Search Phrases

To search for a phrase of terms in a specific order, place the phrase within double-quote characters ("").

Exclusionary Searches

You can filter for things that don't exist. If you want to find pet stores that do not have chickens, you need an exclusionary search. The search allows you to do this using the minus "-" sign.

For example: "pet stores -chickens" finds all nodes with "pet" and "stores" that do not also contain the words "chickens".