Clatsop County Frees Up Surplus Land for Housing

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UPDATED: Jan. 24, 2023

Clatsop County continues to entertain proposals from cities and nonprofits for the use of surplus county-owned property to help address local housing and other public service needs.

The available lands inventory is reviewed and updated for potential uses in compliance with ORS 271.330, which allows Clatsop County to relinquish title to another governmental body if the property is used not less than 20 years for a public purpose or to a qualifying nonprofit if the property is used for low-income housing, social services, or child care services.

The property list is updated regularly.

Local cities, special districts, local social service non-profits, and nonprofit housing developers may submit an “Expression of Interest” on available parcels of Clatsop County property via countyadmins [at] (email )or submission below. 


County Process for Expressions of Interest Requests

  1. County receives the Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI)
  2. The proposal is presented to the Board of Commissioners for information and Q&A
  3. If so directed, staff will initiate a review of the proposal and prepare a staff report. 
    • Depending upon the proposal, participants in the review may include: proposer, County Counsel, Community Development, Public Works, Assessment and Taxation, Sheriff’s Office, Transportation District, other special districts, Northwest Oregon Housing Authority, respective municipality, etc.).
    • The staff report will address feasibility and any conditions or considerations that may be appropriate. The staff report will be made available to the Board of Commissioners and public prior to a work session.
  4. Clatsop County Board of Commissioners will formally consider the proposal. Their options are:
    • Transfer property (with conditions)
    • Not transfer property and maintain in surplus
    • Use other method for disposal outlined in Real Property Management Policy.
Applications can be uploaded here:
If file is too large, please contact the County Manager's office at (503) 325-1000.