Clatsop County’s Housing Dashboard

Clatsop County’s Housing Dashboard

We know that affordable housing is a critical issue in Clatsop County for families and individuals. Back in 2019, we started working with the Association of Oregon Counties to figure out how best we could help local communities address housing needs. We also have been working with local municipalities and nonprofit organizations to find solutions.

To date, here is our progress:

  • Clatsop County was selected to participate in Project Turnkey 2.0 where we work with the Oregon Community Foundation to create transitional housing at the current Columbia Inn
  • We have reached out to Governor Tina Kotek and requested that Clatsop County be included in her homelessness state of emergency declaration, and
  • Our Expressions of Interest project is another avenue we are exploring to jump start the building of affordable housing in our communities

In all of our work, we remain committed to involving and listening to local communities as options are explored.

  • April 2022: 15 parcels of excess County land made available for proposals from cities and nonprofits to help address local housing and other public service needs.

  • August 2022: 16 more parcels were added to this available land inventory.

  • Relinquished Titles: Two adjoining surplus lots (totaling 1.85 acres) to the City of Seaside for affordable housing or social services facilities.

County Process for Expressions of Interest Requests

  1. County receives the Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI)
  2. The proposal is presented to the Board of Commissioners for information and Q&A
  3. If so directed, staff will initiate a review of the proposal and prepare a staff report. 
    • Depending upon the proposal, participants in the review may include: proposer, County Counsel, Community Development, Public Works, Assessment and Taxation, Sheriff’s Office, Transportation District, other special districts, Northwest Oregon Housing Authority, respective municipality, etc.).
    • The staff report will address feasibility and any conditions or considerations that may be appropriate. The staff report will be made available to the Board of Commissioners and public prior to a work session.
  4. Clatsop County Board of Commissioners will formally consider the proposal. Their options are:
    • Transfer property (with conditions)
    • Not transfer property and maintain in surplus
    • Use other method for disposal outlined in Real Property Management Policy.




Existing Affordable Housing Web App (Map)

The Affordable Housing Web App shows all known affordable housing in the cities and unincorporated areas of Clatsop County. 

Housing Development Web App (Map)

The Housing Development Web App shows all known housing development projects (market rate, workforce, and affordable) within the cities and unincorporated areas of Clatsop County.

This web app gives us the opportunity to see current development that will add to our housing supply and how far along each project is in its development process.

New Projects:

Housing development projects are added to the web app by County and city staff, using this survey.


Scheduled – quarterly (approximately January, April, July, and October)
Immediate—County and city staff may arapinchuk [at] (subject: Project%20Update%20%28for%20Housing%20Development%20Web%20App%29) (email) project updates at any time.


Questions or Feedback:

Should you have any questions or feedback about current projects or missing/incorrect information, please contact the jurisdiction in which the project is located.