Volunteer in Clatsop County

Volunteer Hands

Who can be a Clatsop County volunteer?

  • Students, adults, groups, and families are all welcome to apply for volunteer positions within Clatsop County departments. 
  • High school and college students can earn credit by volunteering with the county. College students in a work study program are also excellent candidates for volunteer positions. 
  • Families and community groups benefit from volunteering as a group or team.
  • Adults can participate in local government by joining an advisory board or committee. 

How to become a volunteer:

  1. Choose your volunteer group

    2. Complete the online volunteer application.

As a volunteer, you will receive:

  • An interview to ensure a successful match between you and the volunteer responsibilities;
  • An orientation to acquaint you with the county and the specific volunteer program;
  • Training in the department where you volunteer;
  • Recognition as a Clatsop County volunteer; and
  • Regular evaluation and feedback on your work by your supervisor.

Interested in being an emergency volunteer?  Visit our emergency volunteer page to find additional opportunities to join an emergency volunteer team with a city or regional partner.

Are you already a volunteer? Thank you for your service! Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of volunteers dedicated their time and talent to help their communities. 

Existing Volunteers: Use this link to login to the Clatsop County Volunteer Center.

There are many different volunteer opportunities. If you have questions or need assistance, please call the Clatsop County Volunteer Coordinator at (503) 325-8645.