Volunteer in Clatsop County

Who can be a Clatsop County volunteer?

There are many different volunteer opportunities. If you have questions or need assistance, please call the Clatsop County Volunteer Coordinator at (503) 338-3620.

To become a volunteer:

As a volunteer, you will receive:

  • An interview to ensure a successful match between you and the volunteer responsibilities;
  • An orientation to acquaint you with the county and the specific volunteer program;
  • Training in the department where you volunteer;
  • Recognition as a Clatsop County volunteer;
  • Regular evaluation and feedback on your work by your supervisor.

Are you already a volunteer? Thank you for your service! Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of volunteers dedicated their time and talent to help their communities. 

 Volunteers: Use this link to login to the Clatsop County Volunteer Center.