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Request for Competitive Quotes 


Project Location: Clatsop County Jail -1250 SE 19th St., Warrenton  

Return quotes no later than November 21, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. 

Clatsop County is seeking competitive quotes for the following project: 


Pipe and Sewer Rehabilitation work: 

  • November 32023                   Issue RFQ 
  • November 9 2023                   Pre-Bid Meeting (Mandatory)
  • November 21 2023                 Bids Due 
  • December 13 2023                 County Board Approve Contract if Needed 
  • December 14 2023                 Contract Completed, Notice to Proceed
Scope of Work: 


  1. Thoroughly De-scale existing pipe of roots and debris.  
  2. Excavate a 3-foot-deep by 5-foot-wide trench to access 4-inch cast iron pipe to be replaced. 
  3. Remove 4-inch cast iron pipe to gain access as necessary to install cured in place pipe replacement. 
  4. Ensure proper rounding of existing pipe in order to re-line without divots or sagging areas. 
  5. Install 150 feet of cured in place pipe replacing approximately 150 feet of failing 4-inch cast iron pipe. 
  6. Install 4-inch ABS pipe as well as flexible band couplings to tie in any disconnected cast iron sections. 
  7. Utilize robotics or other non-invasive technology to reinstate connections 
  8. Inspect pipe to ensure smooth joint free lining
  9. Obtain all necessary permits and inspections 
  10. Remove all debris from the site. 
  11. Provide pre-work and post work sewer inspection video


Submit manufactures information on all products that will be used on site. Provide contractors own means and methods for performing work. Submit work and safety plan to County for review. Comply with all State Building Codes and the requirements of local Code Officials. Comply with all OSHA safety requirements. Obtain and pay for permits as required. Assume responsibility for any damage caused by work on this project and promptly repair any damage. Guarantee all work for (1) year from date of completion, unless manufacturer provides a longer warranty.

Enter into a contract with Clatsop County and provide insurance certificates. 

The site is available for inspection. 


Please direct all questions and return quotes no later than November 21, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. 

Matt Gerber, Facility Manager

800 Exchange, Suite 222 Astoria, OR 97103 mgerber [at]

503-338-3695, Fax 503-325-8606 


Clatsop County will be the sole judge in determining award of the contract and reserves the right to reject all proposals.