Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant inspection tools of the trade: a thermometer, a flashlight, test strips, and a notepad

Clatsop County Licensed Facility Inspection Reports

We inspect food service establishments to identify and reduce potential health and safety hazards. Restaurant inspections are typically unannounced visits that should occur every 6 months. Restaurant inspections are scored and reports are available through the following link.

Curious what inspectors are looking for?

Facility inspections allow inspectors a view into day-to-day operations, but are only a snapshot in time. It is important that all food handlers keep food safety in mind while preparing food for the public. We strongly recommend that food service managers and restaurant owners perform regular self-inspections to make sure that their facility is safe for everyone to enjoy. The following articles can provide some helpful guidelines for do-it-yourself food safety inspections, and also provide some guidance for how to prepare for your next official visit.