Reproductive Health

Reproductive Health Exam Room

Clatsop County's Reproductive Health Program provides services to both men and women of reproductive age. 

They include: 

  • Your choice of birth control method, including Emergency Contraception (EC) and vasectomy
  • Pelvic exams and Pap smears (if also talking about birth control or talking about getting pregnant)
  • Pregnancy testing and STI testing (if related to contraceptive method use)
  • Health education and counseling (reproductive and preventive health, contraceptive methods, STD/HIV risks, pregnancy counseling, infertility, domestic and sexual violence)
  • Information and referral to other health and social services

Through the Oregon Reproductive Health Program, many of our services may be covered on your behalf to qualified applicants. Clients may also use the Oregon Health Plan or private insurance. No one is denied services because of inability to pay.

Call us for more information or to make an appointment 503-325-8500.

View informational videos of Clatsop County Public Health's Reproductive Health Services below: