CHART - Community Health Advocacy and Resource Team

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A county whose residents are informed and empowered to seek healthy lifestyle options to ensure an optimal quality of life.


The Community Health Advocacy and Resource Team (CHART) of Clatsop County works collaboratively with community members to impact policy, systems, and environmental change to raise the overall health of Clatsop County residents.

Why we convene

CHART meetings started because there was a big disconnection in information and communication between the different organizations within Clatsop County. These agencies were providing duplicate services instead of collaborating and were not informed about other health programs and initiatives throughout Clatsop County. This disconnect was what led to the collaboration with the goal of improving the health of the county from a more whole perspective. In other words there is input from all sectors of the community not just public health but transportation, housing, parks and recreation, food systems, senior programs, etc. that all affect health but maybe need that extra boost to work together toward healthier outcomes driven by a community perspective.

The members of CHART may change, but the vision and mission remain the same. To ensure Community Health Advocacy and Resource Team can collaborate with the community to impact policy, systems, and environmental change to raise the overall health of Clatsop County. Residents in turn become informed and empowered to seek healthy lifestyle options to ensure an optimal quality of life.

How often we meet

The second Wednesday of each month.

CHART has members from all different areas of the community. These areas range from public health, parks and recreation, hospitals, schools, transportation, housing, to senior and disability services, and more. Within these areas of the community the members bring specific expertise to add to the CHART discussions. An example would be the representative of the senior and disability services would bring specific knowledge of the senior programs currently running in Clatsop County or upcoming events catered to seniors with disabilities.

CHART is committed to keeping the flow of initiatives progressing and understands that not all members can be present at all times. Participative decision making by members helps to keep the decision making processes more informal to allow creative ideas and collaboration to happen. Decision making is more formalized when deciding the kind and scope of projects, a consultative method is used for these larger decisions. When a subcommittee is formed this group will be encouraged to utilize the delegative method. One example of this is the CHIP (Community Health Improvement Plan) process having a subcommittee and relaying the information back and forth at CHART meetings to help collaborate and share ideas about the processes within CHIP. CHART members voted on priority areas with dots. The dots were added together to come up with a score to rank them. Then they discussed the order of rankings and agreed to the prioritization for the CHIP.

CHART is made up of community members and professionals that want healthier outcomes. The goal is to cover all areas that affect the health of residents and continue to round out CHART with members that can bring in their own expertise to further the collaboration efforts within CHART to produce products and policies for the residents of Clatsop County. The CHIP will help further CHART’s efforts by narrowing down what the overall community needs in terms of improving the health of Clatsop County. CHART and the community will be able to use the CHIP data to further their cause to help improve the policies to help people take control of their own health.