Oregonians and Oregon's many visitors enjoy the diverse recreational opportunities our state offers. From the snows of the Wallowa Mountains to the sands to the Pacific coast, outdoor recreation is available everywhere in Oregon. These outdoor resources could diminish from overuse if we don't plan in advance for when, where, how, and how often we use them. Local, state, and federal agencies and the private sector must co-ordinate their plans for recreation facilities and activities to protect our recreation resources and to help nearby communities prepare to meet the demand these recreation destinations place on public services and facilities such as roads.

Goal 8 requires local governments to plan for the recreation needs of their residents and visitors. The goal places priority on non-motorized forms of recreation, and recreation areas that serve high-density populations with limited transportation options and limited financial resources. It also places priority on recreation areas that are free or available at a low cost to the public.

Destination Resorts

Destination resorts are self-contained developments that provide visitor-oriented lodging and developed recreational facilities in a setting with high natural amenities. In 1994, Goal 8 was amended to include information on small and large destination resorts. There are specific definitions and guidelines available for the creation of destination resorts, as well as references to the statutes that relate to Goal 8 and destination resorts.