Comprehensive Plan

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Since 1973, Oregon has maintained a strong statewide program for land use planning. The foundation of that program is a set of 19 Oregon Statewide Planning Goals. The goals express the state’s policies on land use and on related topics, such as citizen involvement, housing, and natural resources. Most of the goals are accompanied by “guidelines,” which are suggestions about how a goal may be applied. As noted in Goal 2, guidelines are not mandatory.

The local comprehensive plans must be consistent with the Statewide Planning Goals. The state’s Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) reviews local comprehensive plans for consistency with the Statewide Planning Goals. When LCDC officially approves a local government’s plan, the plan is said to be “acknowledged.” It then becomes the controlling document for land use in the area covered by the plan. Oregon’s planning laws apply not only to local governments but also to special districts and state agencies. The laws strongly emphasize coordination-keeping plans and programs consistent with each other, with the goals, and with acknowledged local plans.

Clatsop County’s Comprehensive Plan Goals and Policies Document, codified June 23, 2012, is divided into two sections, Countywide Elements and Community Plans. The complete document is available by clicking on the link below, under Supporting Documents, at the bottom of this page.

In 2019, the County will begin a complete review and update of the Comprehensive Plan and six community plans. Documents related to the Comprehensive Plan update are available here

Of special interest are the individual Community Plans, found in Section 2:

Introduction to Community Plans