About Land Use Planning

Land Use Planning Division staff works with residents, property owners, developers, attorneys, surveyors, engineers and land use professionals to provide current and accurate property information, and clear information about the County's Land and Water Development and Use Code (LAWDUC).  Staff invites people to contact our division to discuss the potential uses of property within the unincorporated areas of Clatsop County.  If your property question involves land within a city, you will need to contact that city directly.  Land Use Planning provides support to the Clatsop County Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners on land use issues, including development permits, conditional uses, comprehensive and zoning map amendments, variances, partitions, subdivisions, and review of permits in geologic hazard and flood hazard zones.

Clatsop County's Land Use Planning, Code enforcement, and Building Codes divisions work together to ensure compatibility and permitting compliance for both planning and building regulations. Staff also coordinates and collaborates with federal, state and local permitting agencies, including the Oregon Department of State Lands, and Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development.