Week 2: Make a Disaster Plan

disaster plan

Welcome to Week 2 of the 6 Week Clatsop Ready campaign!

Now that you've got your kit ideas lined out, we're going to cover some additional planning considerations like communications and important documents.

Again, who else do you need to consider?  Do you have kids, pets, or older adults that rely on you for help during a normal day?  How would those responsibilities be impacted if an emergency occurred?  How would you get in touch with loved ones if you are separated, isolated, or without phone service?  How will you receive important information from local officials?


Begin by identifying the hazards that affect you where you live and work.  The primary natural hazards that affect Clatsop County are flood, earthquake, tsunami, winter storms, drought, wildfire, coastal erosion, and landslide.  Focus on understanding which hazards affect you will help you better plan and prepare.  


Wondering how to get your plan on paper?  Even if you create it on the computer, you'll want to make sure you print a hard copy for your go-kit or in case you're without power. 

  • FEMA has an online form that you can print and fill out here.  Like most tools of this sort, the sections are likely to help you think of things you didn't already.
  • Another similar resource-- a handy booklet called My Pocket Plan, which you can also print online- was created by the State Office of Emergency Management as part of their 2 Weeks Ready Campaign
  • If you don't have a computer or would prefer something more compact, our office maintains a stock of pocket-sized planning booklets that are incredibly useful and designed to fit in a purse or pack.  To get one, just give us a call  at 503-325-8645 or email clatsopemd [at] co.clatsop.or.us 


One plan doesn’t always fit all of our needs:  Plan for responding to emergencies in the places where you live, work or go to school.

Here are some more links to videos and other resources to get you started with communications and disaster planning:


Have a plan so you know how to communicate with those you care about and how to receive information.  If you are separated from your family, how will you get in touch with them?

Create an emergency family plan

Sign up for local alerts to receive important information from local emergency officials.  


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