Wildfire Season

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As of 1 a.m. Friday, August 4, the Fire Danger Level is raised to High in Clatsop County. Fire Season began 1 p.m. Wednesday, June 14, in Clatsop County.

This page is your resource for updates when we experience extreme heat, poor air quality, power outages, wildfires or any evacuations. 

Find out how to keep cool when temperatures rise.

Review our tips so you are prepared and know what to do if wildfires break out.

Stay healthy and protect loved ones if wildfire smoke come our way. 

Clatsop County is partnering with the Oregon State Fire Marshal (OSFM), Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) and the Clatsop County Fire Defense Board and local fire services in a Wildfire Awareness campaign to encourage, empower and inform Oregonians to help prevent and prepare for wildfire. 

Beginning 1 a.m. Friday, August 4, the Oregon Department of Forestry will increase Clatsop County’s fire danger level to High (yellow) due to warmer weather temperatures. Open debris burn has been prohibited since fire season began June 14.

“We want to make sure people know that our forests and communities are at high risk for wildfires so we will be sending out a ClatsopAlerts! notification later today,” said Clatsop County Emergency Management Director Justin Gibbs. Visit ClatsopCounty.gov to sign up for ClatsopAlerts!

This alert and wildfire awareness campaign is a collaborative effort of Clatsop County, the Fire Defense Board and the Oregon Department of Forestry.

While fire danger is high:

  • There is a complete ban on the use of burn barrels in Clatsop County
  • Residential campfires only will be allowed in the cities. Residents outside city limits with a campfire waiver issued by the Oregon Department of Forestry will be allowed.
  • All OHV trails in the Nicolai Mountain OHV Riding Area will close 1 p.m. daily during High (yellow) Fire Danger level.  
  • All campfires and barbeques will be prohibited in dispersed campsites.

At this time, campfires will be allowed on the beaches, however, they must be at least 50 feet from any beach grass or structure.

For up-to-date information about fire season requirements, call 503-325-5451.

For other campgrounds, check with the corresponding ODF office. To find out more about public restrictions visit the Oregon Dept. of Forestry

Fireworks, exploding targets/tracer ammunition, sky lanterns are prohibited at all levels during fire season.

Public Restrictions Website: