When Emergencies Happen

Stay Informed

When Emergencies Happen

Clatsop Alerts

Stay informed by signing up to receive emergency and non-emergency alerts from local government officials.  Sign up today.

Call Center - Clatsop County Public Information

For large events/emergencies, Clatsop County activates the Public Information Call Center (PICC) for the community to give/receive information.  The PICC is inactive when not in use.

Damage Reporting During Disasters (Individuals and Businesses)
  • When a large scale emergency or disaster occurs the City and County are required to collect damage assessment information from individuals and businesses. 
  • We've set up a digital survey to collect the information and/or you can call the Call Center when activated to report your damage information.
  • Complete the Damage Report Survey

During community emergencies that require evacuations or shelter in place put a sign in a prominent window to enable first responders and volunteers to quickly identify who needs urgent assistance.  How to get HELP/OK Signs and appropriate use

Mobile Apps with Preparedness and Response Tips