Tsunami Awareness Day – Two Things to Know

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World Tsunami Awareness Day is this Sunday, Nov. 5, and there are two things Clatsop County Emergency Management Department would like for you to know.

 “Whether it is a tsunami from the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake or a distant tsunami, you first need to know if you will need to get to high ground and second, where your nearest assembly area is,” said Justin Gibbs, Clatsop County Emergency Management Director.

An Assembly Area is a location that serves an immediate life safety purpose for immediate evacuation during a tsunami event. It is not meant for long-term occupation. It gives first responders an idea of where to look for survivors. 

An interactive online evacuation zone map viewer is located at the Oregon Tsunami Clearinghouse. You can put in addresses to see if you are in an evacuation zone. It also will show where the nearest assembly area is.

“The time to know this information is now. You may not have time or the ability to find out if you are at risk when a tsunami wave is in its way to the Oregon coast,” he said.

Personal preparedness and other emergency preparedness information is on the ClatsopCounty.gov.