Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan

Clatsop County developed this multijurisdictional natural hazards mitigation plan (MJNHMP) in an effort to prepare for the long-term effects resulting from natural hazards.  It is impossible to predict exactly when these hazards will occur, or the extent to which they will affect the community; however, with careful planning and collaboration among public safety agencies, private sector organizations and citizens within the community, it is possible to create a resilient community that will benefit from long-term recovery planning efforts.

View the March 2021 MJNHMP

Clatsop County Planholders

Clatsop County | City of Astoria | City of Cannon Beach | City of Gearhart | City of Seaside | City of Warrenton | Sunset Empire Transportation District | Port of Astoria | Clatsop Community College | Seaside School District | Cannon Beach Rural Fire Protection District | Lewis & Clark Rural Fire Protection District | Knappa-Svensen-Burnside Rural Fire Protection District | Falcon Cove Beach Water Supply | Arch Cape Sanitary & Water Districts

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Tiffany Brown, County Emergency Manager
Gail Henrickson, Community Development Director