Recording Fees

Fees are based on a one-sided, one-page document. Effective 6/02/2018

Each additional page of a document $5
Each additional transaction in a document $5
Appointment of Trustee $87
Assignments $87
Death Certificate ** $87
Deed $87
Easement $87
Judgment $77
Lien $77
Lien Satisfaction $77
Military Discharge (DD-214 Forms) None
Modification of Trust Deed $87
Mortgage/Deed of Trust/Line of Credit Instrument $87
Mortgage Satisfaction $87
Non-Standard Form fee, per document $20
Partial Reconveyance $87
Partition Plat Map $87
Power of Attorney $87
Reconveyance $87
Satisfaction of Judgment $16
Substitution of Trustee $87
Situs Address/Tax Assessor's Account Number Fee (required on all deeds) $20
Town Plat Map $87
UCC Filings on Oregon 1A Form (mortgages) $87


Customer Service Research Fees

Research fee per document (pre-paid) $3.75
Research fee per quarter hour (beginning with the 16th minute) $15.00
Photocopy fee per page $0.25
Certified copy (for one-page document) $7.75
If document to be certified is more than one page, add 25 cents per additional page
Mailing Fee $5
Fax Charges (in addition to other fees) $3 per document

** Please see "Recording Death Certificates"

Housing Authority Tax (HAT) Fee
HB 4007 – Effective June 2, 2018 Fee increased an additional $40

This applied to all instruments EXCEPT for:

  • Military Discharges (DD214)
  • Federal documents
  • County internal document not usually charged a recording fee,
  • Documents required under ORS 517.210 to maintain mining claims
  • Warrants issued by Employment Department pursuant to ORS 657.396, 657.642 and 657.646
  • A certified copy of a judgment
  • A lien record abstract as described in ORS 18.170
  • A satisfaction of a judgment, including a judgment noticed by recordation of a lien record abstract
  • Department of Revenue documents and tax collectors.