Military Discharge DD-214

Passage of Senate Bill 618 exempts all Military Discharge records from public disclosure.

What this means:

Military discharge records dating from September 1967 to 1994 mixed in with deed and mortgage records on microfilm. 

Due to SB 618, records maintained on microfilm or in the vault will not be open for public research.

To gain access to records not on our public computer terminals, you will need to provide a written request. A clerk staff will conduct searches as time allows, in the order that the requests are received.

How to Obtain a Copy:

Military Discharge records will be made available only to:

  • Veteran
  • Veteran's spouse
  • Veteran's legal guardian or personal representative
  • County Veteran's Service Office
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs Representative
  • Licensed Funeral Establishment

Written requests need to contain:

  • Requestor's name, address, and telephone number
  • Veteran's name, date of birth or last 4-digits of the Veteran's Social Security Number
  • Date of discharge, if known

To request by mail, you may fill out the Notarized Request form and mail it to Clatsop County Clerk's Office, 820 Exchange Street, Suite 220, Astoria, OR 97103. All mail requests for Military Discharge Papers must be on the notarized request form.  If you are able to come in to our office, bring the completed Military Discharge form and your ID to the Clatsop County Clerk's Office, 820 Exchange Street, 2nd floor, Astoria.

Cost of a Document:

If a military discharge record is requested by the veteran, the fee will be waived.

Total Cost is $12.75

  • Research fee per document: $3.75
  • Photocopy fee per page: $0.25
  • Certified Copy (for one-page): $3.75
  • Mail Fee: $5.00