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Beat the Heat

Heat can be very dangerous even if the temperature is under 90 degrees. Other important factors include humidity, time of year, duration of unusual heat, nighttime temperature, and location.

TIME OF YEAROur bodies need time to adjust to changes in temperature. A sudden change from hot to cool weather (or an early-season heat wave) is more dangerous.

DURATION OF HEAT100 degrees is much more dangerous on day five of a heat wave than on day one. Our bodies need time to recover.

NIGHTTIME COOLINGIf buildings don't cool down at night, it's very difficult to cool them during the day. This makes it harder for our bodies to recover and tolerate the heat.

SHADE & WINDHeat is more dangerous in areas with dark surfaces (such as asphalt) and without good airflow. These areas are warmer and cool down more slowly. Light colors, plants, and trees make our communities safer from extreme heat.

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Tips & Resources


Getting Ahead of the Heat  With temperatures rising, make plans to beat the heat.  Now is the time to prepare your home, make a plan for future heat waves, and check in with people you know who live alone.

Take Care of Yourself & Others During Hot Weather  Drink water, stay in the shade, seek out cool spaces and never leave people or pets in a hot car. Find other ways to stay cool and healthy here.

Heat Illness & First Aid  Know the symptoms of heat-related illnesses and how to respond.

Swim & Splash Safely  Playing in cold water is a great way to cool off during hot weather, but water can become quickly dangerous.  Check out these tips before heading out to enjoy a natural waterway.

Pets are People Too  It’s important to protect pets from the heat to avoid heatstroke, which can be difficult to treat once it begins, and can be life-threatening. Please consider these suggestions and resources for keeping pets cool in hot weather.