Data Requests

Public Information Available on the Internet
Property assessment and taxation information is available online by going to the Public Info Link located on the Clatsop County Home Page or click here. 

Public Information Available Upon Request
Limited pre-created data export queries can be purchased by submitting a public records request. To learn more about submitting a request, click here. Please see the link below for fees and costs associated with data export queries. 

Data export files are raw data files that can be manipulated using a spreadsheet or database program. The export is generally saved as ASCII text with headers in tab de-limited format or an Excel spreadsheet. Due to the large size of some files, it is necessary to compress (zip) the data when it is e-mailed. Compressed data includes an executable file that may be incompatible with some systems. The user must unzip the file prior to opening the file.

Users must know how to use the data file with their equipment. We provide general instructions, however, we do not offer technical support.