How can you help?

Volunteer Holding Cat

Here's how you can!

There are many ways to help the animals at Clatsop County Animal Shelter.


Join our elite group of caring volunteers. Volunteers are the heart of our shelter.
Without our volunteers, the shelter could not be the success that it is.

Volunteers must be 16 or older. To volunteer, visit our volunteer page.

Volunteer opportunities are boundless. Examples:

  • Socialize the animals. Play with the cats. Walk the dogs.
  • Greet the public. Answer phones.
  • Be a matchmaker between pets and homes.
  • Clean kennels, cages and facility.
  • Adoption outreach and special events.

Make a Donation

Your contribution to the Clatsop County Animal Shelter – whether in the form of money, time or donated supplies – is very appreciated and crucially essential. Your gift would also be a tax-deductible!