Parks Master Plan

The Recreational Lands Master Plan (part of the county's comprehensive land-use plan), was updated in 2006 by a group of citizen volunteers.

The 147-page report and appendix are provided as PDF documents. These are large documents and may take a few moments to open. You may also view this report by chapter.

The task force’s report is organized into nine chapters:

  1. Planning Process
  2. Public Involvement
  3. Current and Projected Demand  for Outdoor Recreation in Clatsop County
  4. Recreational Providers: Resources and Supply
  5. Park System Goals, Objectives and Action Strategies
  6. Definitions and Standards
  7. County Parks & Recreational Lands
  8. Park System Financial Analysis
  9. Recommendations and Capital Projects List for the next 10 years

The action plan is intended to guide the county and its partners as they make necessary long-term planning and financial decisions regarding county parks and recreational lands. The plan is also intended to enable the public to better understand its parks system, take a sense of ownership in it and support the type of improvements proposed in the plan.

Four recurring themes were identified in the planning process:

  • Improve the parks
  • Connect with the community
  • Link the recreational resources
  • Fund the parks