Request an Inspection

Clatsop County Building Codes provides inspection services Monday - Friday covering the entire county.

The Oregon ePermitting program allows customers to use their computer or mobile web device to access the easy-to-use website to:
  • Schedule an Inspection
  • Cancel a scheduled inspection
  • Retrieve inspections results and history
  • Verify permit status

How to Text for Inspections
In an effort to streamline operations and improve customer service, the Oregon ePermitting is proud to announce the launch of SelecTXT, a new service allowing you to utilize interactive text messaging

How to Call for Inspections 
The following is the general call flow when using the Oregon ePermitting IVR System: Call: 1-888-299-2821 Enter 12 digit IVR Number located on the permit (This is different from the permit number.)

Inspection Scheduling User's Guide and Inspection Codes 
Inspections codes for calling and texting inspections.


Customers can also schedule inspection requests using one of the following methods:

Requests by Email:    buildingdivision [at]
Requests by Inspection Request Line: (503) 338-3698
Requests by Fax: (503) 338-3666

Inspection requests submitted to the Inspection Request Line, Fax machine, and Building Codes Division email are retrieved and processed at 7:00 a.m. each morning. Please allow up to 24 hours for faxed and emailed permit applications to be processed. Inspection requests for projects not yet permitted will not be scheduled. Please understand that when calling from a cell phone, your message may not be received clearly or completely and therefore unable to be processed. Inspection requests submitted to the general Building Codes Division voice messaging system, individual voice messaging systems, cell phone voice messaging systems or texts, or individual email accounts will not be processed.

When requesting an inspection please provide the following information:

  • The five digit permit number
  • The job site address
  • Inspection type
  • The contact information where you can be reached

Please direct any questions or concerns regarding the inspection request procedure to Building Official Van Wilfinger (503) 338-3697.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.