Spread Holiday Cheer, Not Viruses

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Clatsop County Public Health

With Thanksgiving kicking off the holiday season, more people will start gathering to celebrate. That also makes it an ideal time for respiratory viruses to spread.

“Our hope for this holiday season is that people stay healthy and that they spread joy, not viruses. There are a few simple steps we each can take to help make that happen,” said Public Health Director Jiancheng Huang.

  • Stay home if you feel sick or have any symptoms, such as congestion, cough, fever that is greater than 100.5 degrees, sore throat, body aches, and fatigue
  • Wash your hands frequently and before eating
  • Get vaccinated for COVID-19 and the flu for those six months and older
  • Get vaccinated for those who are RSV eligible
  • Cover your cough

Make sure you wear a mask if you are around high-risk individuals, in congregate care facilities or with persons with immunocompromising conditions.