Clatsop County Elected Leaders Unite Against Measure 110

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The Clatsop County Board of Commissioners, Sheriff Matt Phillips and District Attorney Ron Brown called on the Oregon State Legislature to repeal Ballot Measure 110 at the Nov. 8, 2023 Regular Board of Commissioners meeting.

“Decriminalization has reduced the deterrent effect of drug laws and sends a permissive message about drug use to children and adults alike, making it more likely that people use drugs,” stated the resolution which was unanimously passed by Commissioners.

“When we look at our local public health, mental health and private health care systems, we see how they are continually challenged when responding to substance-abuse related physical health and mental health issues,” said Mark Kujala, Clatsop County Board of Commissioner Chair. “This is placing even greater stress on our already scarce rural health resources.” 

Sheriff Phillips said Measure 110 has not been effective in deterring and treating drug use. “Despite the infusion of $300 million into the treatment system, Oregon has slid from 49th to 50th in the nation for access to treatment.”

Clatsop County District Attorney Ron Brown points to the successes of the county’s drug court program. “The justice system can help people turn their lives around. We know this process works but since Measure 110, many individuals with substance abuse issues aren’t even appearing before our courts. We can’t help them if they aren’t showing up.”

The Measure 110 resolution will be sent to Clatsop County’s legislative delegation, other legislative leaders and the Association of Oregon Counties.