To Ensure Your Ballot Will Be Counted

Three Steps to Ensure Your Ballot will be Counted:

place ballot in sleeve and then in envelope

1. Place the ballot in the signature return envelope and seal it.

read and sign voter statement

2. Read and sign the Voter's Statement on the signature return envelope. REMEMBER: YOUR BALLOT MUST BE SIGNED BY YOU TO BE COUNTED.



Sign and seal the return envelope and mail it before or on election day to be postmarked.


Deliver the signed and sealed return envelope to any of our official Ballot Drop Sites no later than 8 p.m. on election day. 


Ballots received from the USPS after election day will be accepted if they are postmarked on or before election day and received by the 7th day after the election and you have signed the envelope. Your return envelope is postage paid, so there is no need for a postage stamp.

If you need assistance or have any other questions, please call (503) 325-8511.